Through the open call, the Hellenic Film Commission invites you to contribute to the creation of a Photo Gallery of Greece, that aims to capture and promote the various locations of the country. From the classical Athens to its mainland and islands, the whole of Greece can be the ideal natural backdrop for all types of audiovisual production.

The Hellenic Film Commission addresses to professional photographers, directors of photography in audiovisual works, location managers, as well as to lovers of photography, with a “cinematic look” in their photos, looking for photos that highlight locations without the interference of people or trademarks.

The Hellenic Film Commission of the Greek Film Centre is responsible for internationally promoting Greece as a place suitable for audiovisual productions of every kind, and for attracting international audiovisual productions to film in Greece.


From the photos that will be submitted to the website, the Hellenic Film Commission will make a selection of the ones that will be used on every website that belongs to the Greek Film Centre and to the Hellenic Film Commission. The basic requirement for the user to participate by uploading a photograph to the website, is that the user MUST own the copyright of the image (i.e. you took the picture yourself or have written permission from the one who took it to upload it). By uploading photographs to the website, the user grants the Hellenic Film Commission FREE license to use it in perpetuity on display on any websites belonging to the GFC and to the Hellenic Film Commission, as well as in the Social Media of the GFC (facebook, twitter, and any other that might be created in the future), and also in print material produced by GFC for the needs of its goals. The user does NOT transfer to us his / her copyright of the photograph in any way he / she continues to own it still. All photos will be credited with the name of he/she who has their copyright.

Watch “The adventures of Villar” by Joseph Hepp (1924). “Villar’s Adventures”, the oldest Greek feature film, to be saved and restored by the Greek film Archive