The poetry symposium “The Inner and Outer Landscapes of Irish and Greek Poets”, organized by the University of Athens and the University of Lodz, will be held in Athens on the 4rth & 5th December.

The symposium is a part of the interdisciplinary project “The Greek Connection: Irish Poets and Contemporary Greece”, which aims at exploring the relations between contemporary Greece and Ireland. Spanning the domains of ecocriticism, translation studies, postcolonial theory and reception, the project reaches out into the disciplines of ecology, history, politics, sociology, and anthropology. Via literature it focuses on landscape, myth, tourism and travel, as well as historical and political issues in both countries.

The Athens symposium provides an opportunity for a meeting of Irish and Greek poets, scholars from different countries, and general public. Some of the visitors are established names, like Harry CliftonTheo DorganPaula Meehan, and some, like Leontia Flynn & Caitriona O’Reilly, are growing voices from the emerging generation of Irish poets. This pattern is matched with the Greek participants, where renowned poets Yiorgos ChouliarasLiana SakelliouNasos Vayenas & Haris Vlavianos, are joined by their younger colleagues like Anna Griva.