They are new, they are innovative and they are Greek. TripInView, HotelFeedBack and were launched recently online in order to satisfy the needs of both tourism professionals and tourists.

TripInView is a world-wide innovative web platform and mobile application presenting geotagged aerial photos and videos of the entire coastline of countries that are “beach and sun” destinations, giving travelers the power to explore, discover and choose vacation destinations by providing information in a unique visual way. Created by Geotag Aeroview, it is available on personal computers and smartphones that allow users to enjoy 300 hours of high definition video and 800.000 high definition photos of the coastline, taken from a helicopter. At the moment, the whole content illustrates 40.000 kilometers (meter by meter) of the Mediterranean coastline of the following countries: Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Malta, Turkey and Greece.

The basic concept of the website is to enable people to plan their trips to the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. As a user, you can then zoom in and out of locations, play videos, look at local accommodation, and find out about the weather. In this way, visitors can enjoy an astonishing coastal sightseeing journey, while learning all the practical details about the aforementioned shorelines, which are not presently available anywhere else. Officially launched in April 2016, TripInView plans to cover all “sun&beach” country-destinations, starting from the most prominent coastlines that already populate the largest majority of leisure travelers (Mediterranean, Caribbean, South-East Asia) and then expanding to the rest of the world.

ΗotelFeedback, an e-business company specializing in the tourism sector, has introduced a revolutionary method for hotels to receive reviews through Wi-Fi. Once a hotel guest connects to use the hotel’s Wi-Fi, HotelFeedback appears as a Hotspot on the device. The guest submits his personal info and the hotel has the opportunity to: create and send questionnaires in order to survey hotel guests and get their feedback regarding the quality of hotel services during their stay at any time the hotel wants; create and send promo banners any time to its guests, when they have access to WI-FI; provide access to the hotel’s private social network, where guests can find out useful tips and meet people; analyze the reviews, as well as useful statistics concerning its services.

According to the company’s data, HotelFeedback provides up to 700% more reviews to hotels than any other existing method. In this way, it aims to significantly contribute to the positive online reputation of hotels and ensure that all clients will depart from the hotel fully satisfied. In addition, only positive reviews can be published to social media/review sites by the guests. If a negative review is detected, the manager is immediately informed by an alert email in order to solve all problems within the hotel and before the guest’s departure.

Last but not least, is the number one platform in Greece to book a fishing excursion anywhere in the country. To book a trip you’ll just need to choose the date and number of passengers joining the trip, the destination you are interested in and just sit back and wait for your confirmation email. Based in Corfu, the platform is currently available in two languages (Greek, English), while information will soon be provided in Russian, Bulgarian and Chinese and will also include fishing excursions in Cyprus.