PDF|DOCApplication for participation in the Competition ΙΤ4gov* 

The pioneering initiative of the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction for the promotion, certification, use and reward of innovative applications for the administrative reform which will be based in new technologies, has entered its final phase. 

Those wishing to participate in the 1st competition “IT4gov” are welcome to submit their applications as of Monday January 11, 10am until February 17th, 3pm, by using the appropriate “Application Form”.

Participation in the contest is open to individuals taking part separately or organized in groups and legal entities under public and private law.

The competition’s goal is to develop innovative services that are not available in the market and that aim at constructing new alternative models that simplify procedures in the public administration and to present new effective e-governing services that will offer pioneering solutions, while providing useable services to citizens and businesses.

The required applications should improve the services offered by State to citizens. Indicative are some of the following subject areas: State-Citizen relations, Public Consultation Procedures, Internal Communication and Workflow (Back Office), Utilization of available open data for the provision of Value Added Services and/or the evolution of existing Electronic Services etc. 

During the special ceremony – which will have a competitive character – and from the final selection of proposals, three (3) winners will be awarded as follows: 

1st prize: 4000€, 2nd prize: 2000€ and 3rd prize: 1000€

The Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction reserves the acquisition rights of applications that will be awarded the sum of 10.000€ each.  

The Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction will provide a certification for the applications that will be distinguished and presented at the awards ceremony.

The award recipients will additionally have the opportunity to intensively focus on the development of their application. More specifically, the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction will provide them guidance in order to seek partnerships, collaborations and synergies with specialized agencies/businesses, capable to further develop the application, while confirming its potential and value. At the same time it will seek to establish the necessary synergies between the participants and the relevant agencies of the Public Sector in order to make use of the electronic application.  

More details on the competition (terms for participation, methods for the submission of proposals, etc) can be found in the section with the requirements for the participation in the contest, posted in the following web address: www.ydmed.gov.gr

 * Unofficial translation by Greek News Agenda. The original announcement in Greek is available at http://www.ydmed.gov.gr/?p=13511