The web portal Study in Greece is campaigning for the promotion and international visibility of Greek Universities and the comparative educational advantages of our country. In particular, the campaign focuses on the foreign language study programmes that Greek Universities offer to Greek and international students. The initiative is supported by the General Secretariat of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. In this context, a number of educational programmes and actions are presented in detail on a regular basis, such as undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, summer schools etc, to inform international students about the many foreign language options offered by Greek Universities.

Study in Greece interviewed Professor George Baltas, Director of the MSc in Management & Communication at the School of Business of the Athens University of Economics & Business, on the programme’s features and what it has to offer to international students.

marketing2bGeorge Baltas is Professor of Marketing at the Athens University of Economics and Business. He is the Director of the MSc in Marketing & Communication programme. He has also served as the Head of the Department of Marketing & Communication. Prior to joining AUEB he was a lecturer in marketing at Warwick Business School, England.His research interests include consumer behaviour, consumer analytics, market research methods, and quantitative marketing models. Professor Baltas has published extensively in well-established academic journals, and has also co-authored five textbooks in the areas of Consumer Behaviour, Retailing and Analytics. His research has received several awards and has been presented in such international conferences.

Mr. Baltas, please tell us in a few words what the MSc in Marketing & Communication, offered by the Athens University of Economics and Business, deals with?

The MSc in Marketing & Communication with international orientation is a full-time graduate programme taught in English. What was widely known simply as PR.I.MA. (Programme in International Marketing) consists of eight taught modules and a master thesis. Our curriculum has been specially designed to provide the academic knowledge and the practical skills required for starting a successful professional career in international marketing. The master thesis gives students the opportunity to consolidate and apply the knowledge gained in the modules taught and to develop important professional skills such as analytical, research, problem solving, and communication skills.

marketing3Taking under consideration that this Master is the first and only graduate programme of its kind in a Greek University, what are the educational as well as professional opportunities for the students?

The curriculum has been designed to offer a balanced academic and “hands on” programme of study, imparting knowledge and skills of direct relevance to the workplace. Our graduates have excellent employment prospects both in Greece and abroad. It is worth noting that many students start working immediately after graduation and find jobs as marketing managers and marketing professionals.

Since we are in the application period for the programme, tell us why an international student should choose it, given that the programme is also taught in English?

The application period for the academic year 2022-2023 studies is from 8th January through 31st May 2022. Our international students have the opportunity to study in English and live in Athens. From an academic standpoint, our international students attend a graduate programme in which world-class professors and instructors teach and share valuable insights from their research and professional experience.

marketing4How do you think Greece as well as Greek universities could attract more international students?

Greek universities need to provide undergraduate and postgraduate programmes taught in English and more so in academic subjects where Greece has some competitive advantage in terms of culture, expertise or know how. It is conceivable that academic programmes in subjects such as classics and archeology would be able to attract considerable interest from international students. Our success as a business-oriented graduate programme reveals the potential of Greece and Greek institutions in the world of knowledge and education.

Do you consider that extroversion of higher education is a field that our country should invest in?

There can be no doubt that Greece has the potential to become a global player in higher education. In recent years, we have produced a notable and impactful research output and one that is disproportionate compared to the size of our country. One can find several faculty members with impressive research records, international recognition in their research area and excellent teaching credentials.

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