A new Journal on Modern Greek Studies began its publication in December 2015. Modern Greek Studies Online, published by the Society for Modern Greek Studies, UK, is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences that aims to promote research and scholarship on all aspects of Modern Greek Studies. The journal publishes original work by younger researchers as well as by established scholars, and aspires to meet the highest international standards.

The Journal is edited by Kostas Skordyles (University of Oxford) while its Editorial Board members include: Prof. Kevin Featherstone (London School of Economics), Sir Michael Llewellyn-Smith (King’s College London), Dr Lydia Papadimitriou (Liverpool John Moores University), Prof. David Ricks (King’s College London), Prof. Charles Stewart (University College London) and Prof. David Holton (University of Cambridge), Chairman of the Society for Modern Greek Studies, as an ex officio member. 

The Society for Modern Greek Studies is affiliated to the European Society of Modern Greek Studies and was established in February 2008 with the aim of promoting the study, teaching and knowledge of Modern Greek language, literature, history, society and culture, in the UK. Within this framework, it organizesregular events, disseminates information and collaborates with other related institutions and organizations.

The first volume includes the following articles: The origin is already haunted: Greece as the uncanny of modernity by Álvaro García Marín, Yannis Ritsos’ Nauseated Agamemnon and Jean-Paul Sartre by Maria Pavlou, «Ο θρήνος των Καρυατίδων»: Bιογραφία μιας παράδοσης (1803-1902) by Georgia Gotsi, ‘Bolivar’’ by Nikos Engonopoulos: sculptural monuments and the poetics of praise from Pindar to Abraham Lincoln by Liana Giannakopoulou, Erēmē Gē by Elias Lagios (translation Konstantina Georganta) and Happy Death & A Letter by Vangelis Provias (translation Victoria Reuter).