Greece commemorated yesterday with school parades held nationwide the October 28 national holiday for the 75th anniversary of “Ohi Day”, (No Day), which marked the country’s entry in the Second World War.

The customary military parade in the northern city port of Thessaloniki, where the main celebrations take place each October, culminated with an impressive 16 fighter jet air flight, whose pilot hailed “United, strong and proud we shall continue”.

Attending the celebrations in Thessaloniki, President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos said in a statement that “the pan-Hellenic ‘No’ of October 28, 1940 constitutes an inexhaustible source of inspiration to the nation of the Greeks”, who “with unbroken unity, have a duty to pursue and achieve the national goals, notably to defend the human being, the rule of law and social justice”.
In Athens, streets surrounding Syntagma square had been cordoned off as students marched past a stand of officials with people lining the sidewalks, waving Greek flags and singing the national anthem.
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