Patras Science Park (PSP) was established in the early 90s according to the model of “Incubator” for New Technology Based Firms (NTBFs) and is one of the first and leading science parks in Greece. PSP aims to support the creation, operation and development of innovative technology firms providing high quality infrastructures as well as helping them find the appropriate financial and business assistance.

PSP has been supporting the growth of companies across several sectors such as ICT, biotechnology, clean energy and other industrial technologies through spin-off / spin-out processes and cooperation among the University of Patras, Research and Innovation Centers and the Industry. Many companies that were developed in PSP have already gained international recognition attracting foreign investments and signing business contracts with renowned multinational brands.

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Located in the port city of Patras, a traditional entrepreneurial and commercial center of the western Greece with a proud record of academic and scientific excellence, the PSP with its activities in ICT, biotechnology, clean energy and other industrial technologies also contributes to the development of the city and the wider region. Through its network and collaborations, the PSP aims to create an innovative entrepreneurial zone facilitating and mobilizing all productive and creative forces of the local community.

Patras Science Park facilities and Innovations Hubs

PSP is the home of more than 30 companies and 1 Innovation Institution (ISI), employing nearly 150 highly skillful personnel in areas such as engineering, chemistry, physics, and medicine. PSP has also established 8 Innovation HUBs with the aim to engage research labs, companies and students in cooperative projects, design new products or processes and establish entrepreneurial ventures.

Innovation HUBs are focused in the following research, technological and business sectors:

• Nanotechnology
• Agriculture
• Biohealth
• Smart Cities
• Cleantech Energy
• Aeronautics
• Blue Innovation Hub
• Medical cannabis

800 Innovation hubs

Cooperation and Partnerships

Business Innovation Center of CERN

Patras Science Park was selected in 2019 as the National Business Incubation Center (BIC) in Greece of the renowned scientific research center CERN. The BIC of CERN aims to provide support to new entrepreneurs to exploit technologies developed by CERN and to create new products and services. In practice, CERN supports the selected companies through technical visits to CERN, technical consultancy and services, and preferential rate licensing of CERN intellectual property. The BIC managers provide office-space, expertise, business support, access to local and national networks, and support in accessing finance. PSP hosts one of the nine National Business Incubations Centers of CERN in Europe along with similar institutions in Austria, Lithuania, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, France, Spain and Italy.

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Orange Grove Patras

PSP also houses the Orange Grove Patras, a flexible workspace and incubator for young entrepreneurs that is linked to Orange Grove Athens, a renowned initiative of the Embassy of the Netherlands in the Greek capital offering support to young entrepreneurs in Greece. The mission of the Orange Grove Patras is to become a catalyst for the development and growth of the local startup ecosystem in the area of Western Greece. At Orange Grove Patras young entrepreneurs find assistance, cooperation, mentoring and inspiration to kick-start innovative and successful startups, capitalizing on the unexploited opportunities of Western Greece and beyond.

PSP is also collaborating with other embassies in Greece such as the embassy of USA, France, Israel etc regarding the organization of masterclasses, seminars, competitions etc. in order to promote partnerships among entrepreneurs, innovation centers and startup ecosystems.

Successful Companies

PSP with its network and facilities has contributed to the development of many technology companies and some of them have already attracted investment from foreign multinational firms.

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Here are some remarkable examples:

Think Silicon, a startup founded in Patras Science Park specializing in the design and development of high-performance graphics processing units (GPUs) has been acquired by the big tech company Applied Material.
Advent Technologies, an innovation-driven company in the fuel cell and hydrogen technology space that started with an R&D center in PSP announced that it will be listed on the famous New York Stock Exchange Nasdaq following a merge with the US AMCI Acquisition Corp. The new company will advance the development and manufacturing of Advent’s next-generation fuel cell technology for the markets of transportation, aviation, and off-grid power generation.
Bytemobile a leading provider of data and video optimization solutions for mobile network operators has been acquired by the US Citrix company, forming a new Service Provider Platforms team within the Citrix Cloud Networking product group
Antcor a team coming from the laboratories of Atmel Hellas in PSP designing integrated Wi-Fi for large manufacturers of telecom equipment has been acquired by the Swiss u-blox.

At the same time leading companies in their field (Velti, Althom Engineering) have chosen PSP as their base in the area, whereas other prominent companies or Institutes participate in tenant’s capital share (e.g. Systems Sunlight, Connecticut Innovations and Piraeus Tech Catalyst Fund in Advent, Vianex in Eldrug), securing and enhancing the important role of PSP in the national innovation and technology intensive entrepreneurial system.

Proof of Concept program (PoC)

PSP is running the Proof of Concept program (PoC), with the financial contribution of affiliated companies and large benefactors. The aim of the program is to annually support 10 scientific / research ideas, up to € 50,000 each, to mature and commercially exploit products by scientists or to create new enterprises. The “Proof of Concept” program is open to researchers and research companies based in Greece.

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Industrial Property Organization

PSP operates at its premises, the Industrial Property Organization Regional Sub-Offices (Library) as a local contact point for first communication and direct information to interested parties (SMEs, Academic Institutions of all levels, Technological Centers, Research Institutes, Young Entrepreneurs, Startups, individuals, bodies etc.) in matters of industrial property protection, as well as diffusion of technological information.

Technology Transfer Office (ΤΤΟ)

Technology Transfer Office is bringing the productive sector closer to academia, research institutions and research organizations and it is able to identify, monitor, commercialize and manage intellectual property produced in the ecosystem. Moreover, in cooperation with other PSP units and the ecosystem stakeholders, initiate activities towards industry and academia collaboration, organize workshops between ecosystem partners and continuously map ecosystem activities in order to enable external partners to get into it.

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