Innovation plays a key role in today’s rapidly changing international academic landscape. Internationalisation of Higher Education requires a forward-looking vision accompanied by fresh and practical ideas. Committed to facilitating communication and promoting collaboration between Greek and international academics and institutions, Study in Greece develops and launches two digital platforms designed to serve the action’s mission and needs.

Study in Greece is a non-profit organisation focusing on the promotion of educational opportunities and activities in Greece for international students, the provision of information for studying and living in Greece and the development, support and implementation of educational programmes and activities, acting as a cultural and educational bridge between Greece and other countries.


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MatSiG is a digital platform aimed at supporting the effective mapping of the broad range of academic programmes and activities offered by Greek and international institutions. With a simple login, academics, researchers, agents and students can create their profile, post information about their institutions and organisations, showcase their programmes, activities and events, as well as find degrees, research opportunities and other academic activities that may be interested in. Hence, MatSiG facilitates international academic networking, by cultivating and promoting, at the same time, enhanced collaboration between its users – members of its dynamic academic community.

platformsSiG3Join MatSiG, create your MatSiG and find your right matching!

Make new connections and share insights, establish new partnerships, and find or implement your project in collaboration with like-minded individuals from around the globe.

It’s worth mentioning that this innovative platform has been developed exclusively by SiG’s Development team with the principal aim to provide an easy-to-use digital tool to fill the gap between supply and demand in the world of international study programmes and educational activities.

For more information, and registrations:

MatSiG’s presentation and guideline video on the official YouTube channel of Study in Greece

platformsSiG4Study in Greece Virtual Fair

the virtual panorama of Greek Higher Education

Virtual fairs have recently emerged in the spotlight due to their role as a useful alternative to physical fairs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bridging the gap between the physical and online, virtual student fairs are an essential tool in helping universities maintain their student outreach. In line with the spirit of digital transformation in the world of Higher Education, Study in Greece in collaboration with Keystone Education Group created Study in Greece Virtual Fair.

Reminiscent of the course of a video game in the 3D version of the Academy of Athens, this immersive virtual environment provides the overview of Greek Higher Education, and aims to attract international students to Greece by offering all Greek state universities the opportunity to hold their exhibitor booths where they can include downloadable content, galleries, and videos in order to showcase and promote the wide range of their study programmes, and to provide up-to-date and detailed information regarding the courses, application procedures, scholarships, as well as student and cultural life in Greece. Furthermore, the platform can host several online live events dedicated to international student recruitment like open days, within the framework of which prospective students from around the globe can get in contact and exchange with academics and representatives of Greek universities.

platformsSiG5The platform was launched on January 24, 2022 – International Day of Education, and hosted an online event devoted to the academic dialogue and relations between Greek and American universities.

Being the first time in the history of Greek Higher Education that all Greek universities collaborate, coexist and promote themselves together, Study in Greece Virtual Fair enables Greek institutions become more modern and extrovert, and constitutes one more telling example of Study in Greece’s contribution to the internationalization and modernisation of Greek Higher Education.

Visit Study in Greece Virtual Fair and discover the Greek academic landscape

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