The Greek Politics Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association (UK) recently announced the winners of its 2015 “Innovative Approaches to the Study of Greek Society and Politics” competition.

The 1st prize was awarded to Dr Constantine Boussalis (Trinity College Dublin) and Dr Travis Coan (University of Exeter) for their paper “Tracing the Narrative of Hate in the Rising Greek Far-Right”. Boussalis and Coan offer a forensic examination of Golden Dawn’s ideology based on an extraordinary research design and analysis of 17,283 news articles. The 2nd prize was awarded to Dr Rosa Vasilaki (LSE) for her research proposal “Policing the Greek Crisis: Public Order and Civil Unrest in Times of Turmoil”. Vasilaki’s proposal gives an original approach by focusing on primary research with police officers, looking at their own perceptions of public attitudes towards the police. The 3rd prize was awarded to Professor Asteris Huliaras and Dr Sotiris Petropoulos (University of the Peloponnese) for their paper “European Money in Greece: In search of the real impact of EU Structural Funds”.

The winning entries will be published as part of the GPSG Working Paper Series over the course of the next few months.

The Greek Politics Specialist Group (GPSG), founded in 2004, is an international network of social scientists with an interest in Greece, as well as one of the UK’ Political Studies Association largest and most active groups. GPSG has a strong record of supporting research on Greek politics, by organizing conference panels and events, both independently and in collaboration with affiliate organisations and groups. GPSG Convenors include its Founder Roman Gerodimos, Principal Lecturer in Global Current Affairs at Bournemouth University, UK, as well as Andrew N. Liaropoulos, Assistant Professor at the University of Piraeus, Greece.

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