“Greek breakfast” is an initiative launched by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels offering guests the chance to experience tasty dishes of the local and regional gastronomy. Since its launch in 2010 more than 1,000 hoteliers across Greece have incorporated local products in to their morning offerings such as bread, rusks, olive oil, yoghurt, honey, cheese products, cured meats, fresh vegetables, legumes, pies, sweets and fresh fruit, enriching tourist experience.

Each part of Greece, depending on the climatic conditions, the soil, the produced products and the cultural relations and exchanges, has formed a particular gastronomic culture and local cuisine. This gastronomic diversity of each region from Crete and the Aegean islands to the Peloponnese, Epirus or Macedonia contributes to the formation of the cultural identity and tourist profile of each place, offering visitors the chance to know the gastronomic wealth of Greece, but also the habits and mentality of people in the country.

greek break

The innumerable regional Greek products and dishes are not only delicious and tasty but are at heart of the Mediterranean Diet which is known for its high nutritional value and health benefits. Mediterranean Diet is not just a modern dietary trend but, according to UNESCO, is the “intangible cultural heritage of mankind”. Produced by small local farmers and taking advantage of the favourable climate conditions and soil, Greek products can satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

“Greek breakfast” apart from differentiating the identity of the Greek hotel product, it advances at the same time local agrifood production enhancing Greek exports as well. A substantial number of businesses (hotels, chefs, farmers and producers) are part of this ambitious and successful project forming a dynamic network that connects the primary to the tertiary sector of economy. “Greek breakfast” thus is a remarkable example of how synergies in economy can make full use of the country’s comparative advantage contributing to a sustainable economic growth model.

The “Greek Breakfast” programme has travelled to many tourist exhibitions abroad in cooperation with the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and the Tourism Ministry and has also been promoted to foreign ambassadors in Greece through culinary events in Athens.

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Photos taken by Greek Breakfast FB page.