The research and cultural programme Tragedy 2.0, an international collective exploration of the paradoxical encounter between Ancient Greek tragedy and the digital era, takes place at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation on 2-18 October 2018. The programme features a multimedia exhibition, a group exhibition, an international forum, seminars and workshops, in the attempt to give answers to questions posed by the introduction of digital media to our everyday lives and, by extension, to performing and visual arts.


The multimedia exhibition “Prometheia” examines the question: “Could digital technology be the new Promethean fire?” The artistic collective Medea Electronique, in a collaboration with the French Dance Group Cie Sébastien Perrault and the bass-baritone Marios Sarantidis, use the myth of Prometheus, who has brought fire and thus technology to humans, “to explore the boundaries of technology and the poetics of the digital era”, in an effort to envisage “the poetry of the digital era”. The performance combines music, poetry, dance and digital interactive technology. Performances take place on 10- 12 October 2018, and attendance is free (seats must be reserved).

 Prometheus 2.0

The group exhibition “Prometheus 2.0” runs on 2-18 October and features artworks by 35 contemporary Greek artists inspired by the theme “Art & technology:  Links in the same chain (?)”. The exhibition, curated by artist Calliope Liadi, includes paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, video art and mixed media, where thecreators ask questions like with their approaches on issues such as: “How does poetry meet technology? Is the development of techno-science liberating or limiting? Does high speed sharing of information assist in better communication and understanding? Is there a modern-day Prometheus?”

Marina MaltezouWork by Marina Maltezou, from the “Prometheus 2.0” exhibition

Ancient Greek Drama &the Digital Era

The international forum“Ancient Drama & the DigitalEra”, taking place on 6-7 October 2018, aims at exploring the methods by which a dialogue is achieved between digital and classical culture. The first day features presentations and lectures by academics, researchers and artists involved in the Greek-French Master’s programme “Art, Virtual Reality & Multi-User systems of Artistic Expression“, organised by the Athens School of Fine Arts in collaboration with Paris 8 University, in the European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama (ARC-Net), in the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH) and in the Gavagai philosophycollective from the University of Athens.

The second day features a programme balancing between academic theory and creative artistic experimentations inspired by Greek tragedies, showcasing the results of the artistic workshops which will have operated during the previous days. It is curated by ArTeC – Labex Arts-H2H; ArTec is a project on the connection between art and technology, initiated by the “The Laboratory of Excellence in Arts and Human Mediations” programme (Labex Arts-H2H) of the Paris 8 University. Entrance is free (Pre-registration:

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