In an interview with the Sunday edition of ‘Ethnos’ (22.11), Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called Greece’s political forces for a national dialogue on the major open national issues as well as on the social cohesion of the country. 
The PM stated that he was determined to achieve the recovery of the Greek economy, as first priority of the government’s ‘roadmap’, knowing however that the following months would be very difficult, with many hurdles to overcome.

Confident that his government is stable with a safe majority in parliament, following the loss of two MPs from the ruling coalition at last week’s reform bill vote, Tsipras said that he will proceed with a “comprehensive reform in order to create a more just and viable retirement system”, presenting a  plan to all political powers and social stakeholders and seeking to foster consensus through a national dialogue. Tsipras said that a dialogue with opposition parties was also needed to work on other reforms, e.g. to the education system and to the Constitution. “Radical reforms require broad consensus and I believe that most political forces are mature for such a discussion”, he emphasized.