Enterprise Greece and ANIMA Investment Network step up cooperation on innovation in the Mediterranean and organize with the support of EU’s EU4Innovation in Athens on 16 May 2017 «The Next Society», a Euro – Med Innovation Conference.

Innovators shaping the future in the Mediterranean

The conference marks the launch of «The Next Society», an initiative supported by public and private innovation, investment and economic development players with the support of the European Commission. It aims at mobilising entrepreneurs, innovators and corporate ecosystems to overcome the innovation and sustainable development challenges faced in the Mediterranean, in the North as much as in the South. «The Next Society» wishes both to improve the frameworks and ecosystems and to develop the value creation and concrete solutions for a shared prosperity among the Mediterranean countries. «The Next Society» conference is expected to gather 150 senior executives from business and innovation, research and investment organizations, as well as innovative companies from all Europe and the Mediterranean.

Thirty (30) sectoral institutions from (eleven) 11 countries, as well as companies and entrepreneurs, will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in innovation, to discuss aid measures, to explore possible partnerships, to draw inspiration from the achievements of others and to expand their network both in the Mediterranean and in the wider European area.

Event organisers:


Anima Investment Network

ANIMA Investment Network is a multi-country cooperation platform for economic development in the Mediterranean. The ANIMA network gathers national and regional investment promotion agencies, international organisations, business federations, innovation clusters, financial investors and research institutes from the region. It is operated from Marseille (France) and is chaired by Khalil Laabidi, General Manager, FIPA Tunisia. ANIMA’s objective is to contribute to the continued improvement of the Mediterranean business climate, as well as encourage a shared and sustainable economic development for the region. ANIMA Investment Network aims at promoting the economies of the Mediterranean countries, to contribute and to favour networking and cooperation between economic actors from European and Mediterranean countries. In this purpose, ANIMA offers its partners economic intelligence tools on the Mediterranean markets, develops projects aimed at improving the attractiveness of the region and organises economic exchange and cooperation between countries within the region. Enterprise Greece was re-elected as ANIMA’s Vice Chairman on June 11, 2015.

The EU4Innovation initiative

The new European Union initiative, EU4Innovation, combines all European Union activities that support the development of Eastern Partnership countries innovation capacities, notably those funded under the Horizon 2020 programme and the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI). EU Commissioners and the respective Research and Innovation Ministers of the Eastern Partnership countries also discussed common challenges and responses to improving research and innovation cooperation. The Ministers reflected on how to integrate Eastern Partnership and EU Research and Innovation systems better and foster cooperation with and between the six Eastern Partnership countries further. This will bring new mobility opportunities for administrations, businesses, professionals, students and researchers and will foster research-industry partnerships amongst others.


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Enterprise Greece

Enterprise Greece is the official agency of the Greek State, under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy & Development, to showcase Greece as an attractive destination for investment and to promote the highly competitive products and services produced in Greece for export. Enterprise Greece assists foreign investors and enterprises to do business with Greece, troubleshoots issues related to the public administration, provides key information about Greece as an investment destination and promotes the investment sectors in which Greece excels. In addition, it promotes Greek products and services to the global marketplace, helps Greek businesses reach new markets, find new business partners, and become more competitive and attractive. To learn more about the many investment and trade opportunities Greece offers, visit www.enterprisegreece.gov.gr

Please email e.skotidaki@enterprisegreece.gov.gr for more information.

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