Strategic Initiatives supporting the Greek startup ecosystem 17 June 2020
‘Yiatrosofia’: Researching the Traditional Use of Medicinal Plants in Greece 15 June 2016
“Odyssey” brought to life in Thessaloniki 06 November 2019
“Pharos Summit 2022: Greek – U.S. Collaboration in Higher Education” 21 November 2022
“Politeia” Innovation Center to promote R&D ecosystem in Greece 08 April 2020
“Shaping our Future”@Athens Science Festival 22 March 2017
2021 a year of new records for the growing Greek Startup scene 16 June 2022
84th Thessaloniki International Fair – The colourful exhibition 05 September 2019
A Digital Research Platform for the Greek Revolution of 1821 06 April 2016
A National Network for public access to Precision Medicine 23 February 2018
A New Digital Archive for Greece’s First Governor, Ioannis Kapodistrias 26 May 2016
A virtual Tour in the magic World of Greek Theatre 08 November 2016
Aegean Summit: Bringing Together New and Independent Media 13 June 2016
Antonis Hadjikyriacou on the Ottoman period, the Greek Revolution of 1821, and new paths in Greek historiography 12 March 2020
Archaeologists Jack Davis and Sharon Stocker on the 3500-year-old Warrior’s Tomb Discovery in Pylos 02 November 2016
Artificial Reefs Project Dives into Greek Mythology 08 July 2016
Arts in Greece | Takis: A World-Renowned Pioneer Of Kinetic Art 29 October 2020
Athens Science Festival 2021 | An era of heroes (27-29/3) 22 March 2021
Athens’ ‘Cube’ Offers Learning Support to Refugee Children 07 July 2016
Athos Digital Heritage: Discovering the Cultural Treasures of Mt Athos in the Digital Age 12 January 2021