The leading German software firm P&I Personal & Informatik invests in Ioannina, Greece. The German Software and Human Resources Management company has opted to enter the Greek market, and in this framework, it set up its subsidiary under the name P&I Hellas Ltd.

Today, P&I Hellas inaugurates its headquarters in the technological park founded by the University of Ioannina, in North-western Greece. Sixty (60) senior managers of P&I, coming from Germany and from five more European countries, representatives of the local communities and the region of Epirus, as well as representatives of educational institutions and the regional economy of Northern Greece will attend the inauguration. September 1st will mark the start of the P&I activities in Greece.

Why the city of Ioannina?

The city of Ioannina was selected for the German company’s new investment, is its lucrative location. The region of Ioannina has a local ecosystem that favours innovation, along with a large number of academic institutions and trained personnel. Additionally, there is a positive business climate, supporting structures, good infrastructure, networks and direct connection with Athens, Thessaloniki and other European countries (Egnatia Odos, Ionian Road, port of Igoumenitsa, airports).


Ioannina, Pamvotida Lake

September 1st marks the beginning of a development plan by the German parent company with growth prospects for the whole region, the creation of new jobs within a five year period and of course the reward of all those who have worked in Greece and Germany for the successful completion of the business plan.

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Translated from German by John Aivatidis