Migration Minister Points to Turkey for Migration Flows; Promises Completion of Hotspots 21 January 2016
Migration Summit: Greece for Comprehensive Approach, Engagement with Turkey 12 November 2015
Minister briefs Foreign Diplomats on Greece’s Priorities and Achievements 17 March 2016
Minister Highlights Greek Economy Progress, Need for Debt Relief in US Visit 16 May 2016
Ministry of Labour’s three-year plan for the creation of 300,000 jobs 10 March 2017
Moscovici Sees Momentum and Compromise with Greece 04 November 2015
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New Media Law brings Transparency and Democracy 27 October 2015
Opinion: Bear with Greece on Pension Reform 08 January 2016
Opposition Leader Resigns, Appoints Caretaker for Party Election 25 November 2015
Parliament OKs ‘Parallel Programme’ for Social Justice 22 February 2016
Parliament Passes Reform Bill, Gov’t Looses Two MPs 20 November 2015
Pavlopoulos in Kalavryta Restates Call for WWII Reparations 14 December 2015
PM Alexis Tsipras to attend Mediterranean EU Countries' Summit in Lisbon 27 January 2017
PM Confident on Gov't Performance 08 December 2015
PM Tsipras at Davos Talks on Europe’s Future, Warns Against Austerity in Greece 22 January 2016
PM Tsipras at EU Summit on Migration Crisis 18 December 2015
PM Tsipras Cites Fiscal Achievements, Urges Completion of Programme Review 15 April 2016
PM Tsipras Defends Year in Government, Pension Reform at Anniversary Rally 25 January 2016
PM’s visit Promotes Greece – Iran Strategic Cooperation 09 February 2016