An entirely different museum, digital and dedicated to Plato, the great Greek philosopher of antiquity, opened November 26 at the archaeological site of Plato’s Academy in Athens. The new museum aims for a fresh and innovative approach to philosophy through the use of the latest technologies to present and interpret historical and archeological evidence.

The project has been funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework (The Citizen and Society) and is supported by the Onassis Foundation, Athens University, the Municipality of Athens and the Foundation of the Hellenic World.

By taking a virtual tour on the grounds where the ancient Greek philosopher taught, visitors can now “experience” life and learning in Plato’s Academy – cited by historians as the Western world’s first institution of higher learning – its influence, changing role and development through time. They can learn about Plato’s life, philosophy and influence on modern thought through digital applications and media. 

It is worth noting that the design of the building – a box containing windows only in the entrance and at the exit – symbolizes the route to light. Plato Academy-The Digital Museum is open to the public free of charge between 9am and 4pm daily (closed Mondays).

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