Positive growth prospects for the Greek economy

Greece is ranked 5th highest in terms of growth rate among the 20 eurozone countries and 9th among the 27 EU countries this year. The country’s growth is expected to be almost three times that of the eurozone average, with growth projected for Greece at 2.2% in 2024 and 2.3% in 2025, while growth for the eurozone average is projected at 0.8% in 2024 and 1.4% in 2025. In terms of investment, Greece ranks first in the projected growth rate of investment for both 2024 and 2025, with the European Commission forecasting growth of 6.7% in 2024 and 8.4% in 2025, while investment growth in the eurozone average is projected to be almost zero in 2024 (0.1%) and only 1.6% in 2025.

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& https://www.amna.gr/en/article/818851/EU-Commission-sees-Greeces-growth-rate-at-22-in-2024-and-23-in-2025

The Ancient Theatres of Epirus Cultural Route

The Cultural Route of Epirus connects five ancient theaters of Nikopolis, Kassopi, Amvrakia, Dodoni and Gitana as its central stations, takes the visitor to four Regional Units, five archaeological sites (Dodoni, Nicopolis, Cassope, Amvrakia and Gitana), eight ancient venues, 344 kilometres and 2,500 years of history.

Get to know the Cultural Route of Epirus https://ancienttheatersofepirus.gr/en/ and take a digital tour of the five ancient theatres of the region:

Ancient Theatre of Dodoni https://ancienttheatersofepirus.gr/en/theatre/theatro-dodonis/

Ancient Theatre of Dododoni, the Ancient Theatre of Dodonis https://ancienttheatersofepirus.gr/en/theatre/theatro-nikopolis/

Ancient Theatre of Nicopolis – Ancient Theatre of Nicopolis, Ancient Theatre of Nicopolis, Ancient Theatre of Nicopolis https://ancienttheatersofepirus.gr/en/theatre/theatro-kassopis/

Ancient Theatre of Kasospios Ancient Theatre of Kasospias https://ancienttheatersofepirus.gr/en/theatre/theatro-amvrakias/

Ancient Theatre of Yitanes https://ancienttheatersofepirus.gr/en/theatre/theatro-gitanon/

Getting to know the ancient port facilities of Aegina

Aegina, an island with a long history, played an important role in several periods of Greek history. It was a maritime superpower that dominated the waters of ancient Greece and beyond during the Archaic period. In the late 6th and early 5th century BC, the wall of the ancient city was built, enclosing the two harbours, the military harbour with the nave for the warships and the commercial harbour. At the same time, the temple of Apollo and other temples dominated the hill of Kolona, and the theater and the stadium of Aegina were built. The new app, Aigina Geoculture, takes you on a journey through time and the ancient port facilities of Aegina.

Download the app at https://www.aegina.gr/web/ancientharbour/ and learn more about the island of Aegina https://www.visitgreece.gr/islands/saronic-islands/aegina/

Digital gallery of Konstantinos Volanakis’ works

The rich collection of works by Konstantinos Volanakis of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation is accessible to all. Through an innovative platform with multiple applications and free access, pupils, students, specialists and the general public have the opportunity to navigate through the paintings of the great marine painter, to read or listen to the accompanying explanatory texts, to save their favourite works, but also to send electronic greeting cards, to colour and to reconstruct the paintings that interest them.

Browse the digital art gallery http://digitalgallery.laskaridisfoundation.org/gallery.php?lang=en

and read more https://www.laskaridisfoundation.org/en/event/anoichti-techni-psifiaki-aithousa-ergon-tou-k-volanaki/

OperaBox | The new digital educational platform of the Greek National Opera

OperaBox, the new digital educational platform of the Greek National Opera designed in the framework of the educational program for secondary schools “Opera Interactively into Schools”, invites young and old to a tour of the past, present and future of opera. Through activities, interactive applications, new and archival audiovisual material, texts on musicology and history, and the imaginative video game Helen of Solidarity, OperaBox highlights the multi-layered dimension and intercultural nature of opera and musical theatre. Visit the platform at https://operabox.nationalopera.gr/en/