The 86th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) opens its doors on Saturday, September 10, 2022 bringing together professionals, buyers and visitors from Greece and many countries across the world. TIF is Greece’s largest trade event and is considered one of the leading business and industry fairs in Southeastern Europe, while it is of great political significance to the country. This year’s exhibition is focused on circular economy, education & entrepreneurship, startups & innovation, gastronomy & nutrition etc., while the United Arab Emirates is the honored country for 2022.

Guided by the new reality in the world economy, the changing environment in the fields of health and energy, but also the galloping developments in technology, the 86th TIF declares its strong presence through its multidimensional character.


In the field of Circular Economy, the 86th TIF will present the latest developments, solutions and products in the domains of clean energy and environmental protection. In view of a difficult winter ahead in terms of energy, the Circular Economy pavilion will present solutions regarding heating-cooling products, renewable and alternative energy sources, bioclimatic building design, environmental technologies, as well as waste management and recycling systems offering several options in the field of energy. Visitors can learn how to prevent waste production, how to plan in an environmentally friendly way, and how to reuse materials to reduce their environmental impact, aiming at saving consumers money and improving their quality of life.

digital greece

In the field of Education, TIF is a meeting point for the educational community. Visitors are informed, among other things, about new activities, innovative ideas and educational programs, networking options for educational institutions, career opportunities, and consulting career services. Particular emphasis is given to the advanced English-language university programs offered in Greece attracting every year many foreign students in a wide range of study fields.

In the field of Digital technologies, the 86th TIF has created the “Digital Greece” thematic parc presenting more than 100 startups with emphasis in the domains of cultural and audiovisual industry, digital games, animation etc

United Arab Emirates, TIF’s honored country 2022

Every year a different country is honored as the most important guest, highlighting and strengthening trade but also cultural relations between Greece and the honored country. Considering the importance of approaching new markets, this year’s TIF welcomes the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the first “honored country” from the Arab world in the history of the TIF.

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The UAE is coming to the TIF with an impressive participation of companies and organizations aiming to explore possible areas of cooperation with Greek companies, and further economic relations with Greece. Technology and investments will be the focus of the United Arab Emirates’ participation, which will present in pavilion 13 of the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre the most developed sectors of their economy.

Founded in 1971, the UAE is a federation of seven emirates. With Abu Dhabi as its capital and Dubai as its largest city, it is an important hub, of the international commercial and industrial world. They are ranked sixth globally in known oil reserves, 36th in terms of purchasing power of their economy, and one of the highest in the world per capita GDP, set at US $ 46,584.

The UAE is a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and a member of the Arab League, the United Nations, the Islamic Council, OPEC, and the World Trade Organization.

Paying tribute to the centenary of the Asia Minor catastrophe

Asia Minor Catastrophe

This year’s TIF is also organizing an exhibition paying tribute to the 100 years since the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the forced migration of ethnic-Greeks from their homelands. Through a video installation the exhibition spans moments in the lives of Greek refugees before the forced exchange of populations, the refugees’ harsh journey from Asia Minor, Thrace and Pontus to Greece, as well as moments from their settlement in Greece.

The audiovisual installation tells the story of the successful integration of Greek refugees presenting rather the positive changes that occurred in the Greek society than the mourning for the lost homelands. The arrival of almost one and a half million refugees from Asia Minor and the Pontus to the “new” homeland was a catalyst that modernized the Greek state making the country stronger.