In 2011, a team of artists and researchers began a journey across the country, aiming to bring to the forefront human stories that have the power to move, inspire and create spaces for self-reflection. The Caravan Project is a travelogue which began as a road trip in crisis-stricken Greece and evolved into an institution that captures the inspirational lives of unique individuals 

Equipped with two circular Mongolian tents (yurts) and a motor vehicle, the team stayed in various Greek towns, inviting locals to take part in a series of cultural and educational actions. 
Employing a variety of media, such as documentary, portrait photography, and narrative, they traveled from Pomakochoria in Northern Greece to Crete, from Kastellorizo to the Grammos mountain range, from Mani to Mount Athos, creating a small ark of human stories, inaugurating a creative dialogue on the meaning and the dynamics released from each story. 
“Our ultimate goal is to launch Another World is Here, an educational and cultural platform that will use The Caravan’s Project stories as a vibrant educational resource […] Ideally, we would like to offer alternatives to a monodimensional education system and bring people closer to the poetry and sensibility that such human stories emit”, says the team, consisting of photographer/ cinematographer Stratis Vogiatzis, photographic artist Thekla Malamou and Alexandra Salimpa
The Caravan Project, funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, composes a mosaic of images, narratives and documentaries, calling attention to a different way of life than what is promoted by the media and shedding light on a land that continues to create, dream, and proclaim that “Another World Is Here”.