An innovative project out of Greece is bringing the world’s greenest car to the market. Designed by a group of mechanics in Crete, Sunnyclist is a smart autonomous e-vehicle that offers the convenience and easiness of an e-car with the economical and ecological motion of a bike, with the additional option of the benefits of exercising.
Sunnyclist represents an attractive and affordable solution for green mobility and autonomy, with minimal costs, no environmental pollution and without infrastructure commitments. 
The car features a solar panel roof, pedals and a battery, while it can carry three passengers and their luggage with an extended driving range. Light and compact, it is both easy to drive and park. Passengers can sit or pedal comfortably, whilst the detachable pedals are allow drivers to work out at home or power other compatible appliances.
Sunnyclist will be available in three basic editions (‘City’, ‘Traveler’ and ‘Standard’). It can be further customized in regard to type and number of pedal generators, size of battery and photovoltaic generator, type of seats (sport or comfortable) or color combination. 
Sunnyclist is currently ready to be in production and the designers have begun a funding campaign at Indiegogo so as to put the well tested working prototype into mass production. “You will also help humanity reach its goals of climate control and at the same time you become a part of our effort to uphold the productive side of Greece, in the most creative way” is the designers’ message.