Starting from October 2015 the Secretariat General for Information & Communication (Γενική Γραμματεία Ενημέρωσης & Επικοινωνίας) has upgraded its six foreign language websites – namely Greek News AgendaGrèceHebdoPanorama GriegoPunto GreciaGR_Aktuell and Greek Arab News – which offer daily briefs on news, opinion/analysis pieces and articles that showcase political, economic, social and cultural developments related to Greece, as well as features and interviews.

From political analysis to archaeology, from books to travelling, from R&D to cinema, theatre, poetry and visual arts, the aim is to shed light on the various aspects of a modern country in times of crisis, a country which continues to create and debate.

These online publications are not intended to act as platforms that promote an idealized image of Greece, nor as websites that reproduce one-faceted stereotypes but rather to become part of an ongoing dialogue about a country that has recently become the epicenter of multiple global crises (economic, migrant & refugee, labour) highlighting its contradictions and potential, its weaknesses and comparative advantages in a constantly changing international environment.

Interviews with people activating in the fields of politics, art, science and society in general constituted during 2016 a major project within the framework of the websites, offering a collection of different perspectives, a multi-colored kaleidoscope of modern Greece and its place in the world. In this way, Secretariat General for Media & Communication aspires to add a pint of critical thought in the open dialogue on issues that are of major concern in Greece, in Europe and around the world. 

Greece in 6 languages