For all of you planning to visit the city of democracy, theatre, philosophy, gastronomy and endless fun, the process just got easier than ever! In just 3 steps and with the use of your mobile phone, your journey to Athens is settled via an innovative new platform. is an online tool that allows visitors to plan their journey to the Greek capital from the moment of their departure all the way to their return without paying any commission fees! The platform is designed both for consumers and businesses and the project is backed by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and financed through European funds by the city of Athens.

This new and fun platform allows visitors from all over the world to be in complete charge of their journey, by offering them endless possibilities in selecting their means of transportation, accommodation, sightseeing and entertaining. It is based in two pillars: multilingualism (its content is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese) and accuracy of information, but its biggest strength (especially for professionals who want to register with the platform) lies in the use of the same technology tools that big international hotel chains are using today for their bookings. With a database of 470 hotels and more than 2000 tourist businesses, this user friendly tool has endless things to offer.

For example, as soon as one decides to organize a trip to Athens, the platform offers suggestions for which archaeological walks to follow, combined with visits to landmark sites, activities and shopping trips to the famous commercial streets of the city.  Obviously the section dedicated to gastronomy and wine tasting is more than indulging and it is worth mentioning that all foodies will be more than satisfied to use the up-to-date information (there are search, filter and sort tools available to make the experience even more fun and simple) in order to discover the best places to taste traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine or the work of awarded chefs, but also visit some of the most famous wine bars and beer houses of the city! The entertainment continues with a list that includes bars, clubs and music halls for all tastes and preferences, but it would not be complete without the section uncovering the emerging and internationally acclaimed scene of street food in the Greek capital!


Back to technology and the fun continues. Visitors are offered the possibility to create a virtual diary of their journey to Athens, share it with friends via social networks and upload it on their mobiles through available apps so that all the information about the trip can be accessed and used at any time even when offline.

All entrepreneurs and businesses related to tourism can join the platform at any time and without any cost. Besides hoteliers, any tourism business entrepreneurs can collaborate with the platform, free of charge, by simply logging in and creating a profile that allows them to upload up-to-date content regarding their business or seasonal offers and discount coupons, for which potential visitors will be immediately informed.  Contrary to other platforms, allows for bookings to be made directly without charging commission. The project is set to continue its expansions to the rest of Greece and soon include all its tourism regions to its database.