The National Pavilion of Greece in the 2nd CIIE Expo in Shanghai (China International Import Expo, 5-10/11) is developed in seven thematic corners inviting visitors to “share” the Greek Culture and Heritage and to explore business and investment opportunities in the country. Greece is internationally renowned as a hospitable country sharing its traditions and open-air, modern lifestyle with visitors whereas in the business arena, Greece offers an open platform for successful partnerships by sharing innovative opportunities in diverse sectors.

Through its thematic corners, the Greek Pavilion -organized by Enterprise Greece under the slogan: A culture to share– invites visitors to discover and enjoy important aspects of Greek culture, lifestyle and economic life through the following thematic experiences:

Share the Culture
rich Hellenic heritage, embraced by Western Civilization

In the innovative exhibition ‘Greece. 5000 years of Civilization’ assembling representative art from the Cycladic through the Hellenistic Period, visitors are invited to share the myth, history, philosophy and science of the ancient world in a small “museum”. This capsule exhibition is curated by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Share the Wisdom
timeless values, across the centuries

Hanging fabrics throughout the Pavilion will highlight quotes of the great ancient Greek philosophers, as well as celebrated Greek personalities in modern literature, arts and sciences.

800 pav plai

Share the Inspiration
ancient numismatic legacy, illuminated in wearable art

In the exhibition ‘Fruits & Symbols’ curated by the Numismatic Museum of Athens visitors can admire a contemporary collection of modern jewelry created by Greek designers inspired by the ancient numismatic legacy adorned by fruits (olive, pomegranate, grape, apple), symbol, of prosperity and power.

Share the Beauty
phenomenal nature, crowned by the Aegean Sea

In the Virtual Reality Room visitors can experience an exciting virtual tour in charming Oia on Santorini. While walking through the iconic architecture of the village, the history of Santorini comes to light, including its volcanic earth, the great Minoan civilization, centuries-old vineyards and fine wines.

Share the Flavor
Nature’s gifts, the essence of the Aegean diet

The gastronomy bar is the place to experience all the sensations of Greek traditional products, from olive oil, honey, Greek cheeses to fine, regional wines. Authentic Greek products provide a tempting taste of the nutritional products which are central to the Mediterranean Diet.

Share the Fun
celebrate Greek culture, in the open air

In the lively “Greek Square” in the center of the Pavilion, an open viewing space will give visitors the opportunity to explore the many sides of Greek culture, landscape and lifestyle through the projection of selected films on Greece. Visitors can also enjoy live traditional dance and pantomime inspired by depictions on ancient vases and accompanied by original music with ancient lyre.

Share the Vision
new era of opportunity, Greek-Chinese partnerships

In the Business Lounge, hosted by Enterprise Greece, visitors can find a welcoming corner for meeting prospective partners in all aspects of Greek business. Valuable information on new investment opportunities and support services for Chinese business in Greece will also be available.


At the commercial Pavilion, twenty six Greek food and beverage exporters will present their products while guests will have the opportunity to taste Greek wines from selected grape varieties in a Wine Bar installed in the same area. Greek wine master classes will also take place on November 7 and 9.

Sixty Greek companies will participate in the Greek delegation accompanying Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during his visit to the CIIE. B2B meetings have been arranged between Greek and Chinese businessmen, while a Greek Business Forum will take place on November 4 with the aim of fostering economic relations as well as investment and trade cooperation between the two countries.

short forum

** Greece will participate as one of the honored guest countries in the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) -the largest import expo in the world- that will be held on 5-10 November2019 in Shanghai. The Greek participation is organized by the General Secretariat of International Economic Relations and Openness, (Ministry of Foreign Affairs / MFA) and Enterprise Greece, the national investment and trade promotion agency of MFA. The CIIE 2019 is co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM) and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, in partnership with the World Trade Organization, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization **

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