Nanotechnology is considered to be a major driving force behind the medical revolution of the 21st century and its use on Medicine has created a new field of studies widely indicated as Nanomedicine. Following the latest scientific achievements and the most recent research results of Nanotechnology applications in Medicine and Health Sciences, the E-Learning Programme of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens presents online training courses in English, addressing various aspects of the topic that often has been described as the future of Medicine.

The E-Learning University of Athens introduces four training courses (course category: Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine) in relative topics deploying the academic excellence of the University of Athens in Health Sciences and calling the scientists and professionals from all around the world to join its online community.


All training courses of Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Category are designed suitably for qualified graduates, holding at least a Degree in Medicine, Biological, Biomedical or Biochemical subject, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry or in any related field.

The course Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine provides a detailed introduction to the biology of stem cells. More importantly it introduces the main aspects of Regenerative Medicine that seeks to devise new therapies for patients with severe injuries or chronic diseases in which the body’s own responses do not suffice to restore functional tissue. To this end, Stem cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine introduce novel methods and strategies to replace or regenerate cells, tissues or organs in order to restore and establish normal function. E-learners have the opportunity to learn about new, up to date technologies that are applicable to modern therapeutic approaches such as: Stem Cell Applications, Nanomedicine and Tissue Engineering (10-week course, start date: 22 Jan 2018).

Nanomedicine, the application of nanotechnology to medicine, has opened up a new, previously unimaginable world in disease diagnosis and therapy. The unique and innovating online training course Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine: Approaches for targeted drug delivery and advanced nanotherapeutics focuses mainly on the applications of nanotechnology to drug delivery and highlights several areas of opportunity where current and emerging nanotechnologies could enable novel classes of therapeutics. The course presents in an easy and effective way, the challenges and general trends in pharmaceutical nanotechnology, and also explores new strategies to overcome limitations in drug delivery. The course is also focusing in several interesting regulatory and ethical aspects of the use of nanothechnology in every day clinical practice (10-week course, start date: 22 Jan 2018).

Nanotechnology is a multifarious field and its use in the area of Health Sciences has led to innovative applications in diagnosis and treatment of living beings as well as in agricultural process. The course Basic Principles of nanotechnology applications in Health Science focuses on the basic applications of nanotechnology in Health Sciences, in clinical and research level. The goal of the training course is twofold. Firstly, to provide participants with basic knowledge concerning the applications of nanotechnology in Health Sciences including Medicine, Biology, Veterinary and Agriculture. Secondly, to explore if the use of nanotechnology opens new perspectives in the field of Health Sciences highlighting the advantages and challenges of nanosystems as tools in medical technology and health care via diagnosis and treatment (10-week course, start date: 22 Jan 2018).

The use of nanotechnology in the field of Health Sciences has triggered novel and very promising applications in diagnostics and invasive therapy of human diseases. The development of novel tools with improved imaging characteristics would lead to an early identification of the diseases.The goal of the course Nanomedicine: Applications in Diagnostics and Surgery is to provide the participant with knowledge concerning the applications of nanotechnology in the fields of diagnostics and nanosurgery. It elaborates on the types, the characteristics, in vivo and in vitro applications and the potentials of nanotools as diagnostic agents or biomarkers in cancer imaging, neurophysiological disorders, ocular imaging, and cardiovascular disease imaging. Furthermore, the course illustrates the recent advances in the development of nanotools for nano-image guided surgeries (10-week course, start date: 22 Jan 2018).

All courses follow an asynchronous model of training offering the flexibility to study in the comfort of your own pace while supported educationally. A personal tutor answers relative scientific queries and questions that may rise within the course, through an online communication system. Successful completion leads to a Certificate of Training.

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