The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the E-learning Programme of its Continuing Education Center have developed YouGoCulture,  an interactive online platform produces and promotes virtual and experiential tours of a variety of cultural and historical destinations around Greece. The tours, designed by academic experts, aim to explore the identity of the long standing cultures of Greece and Mediterranean Sea and to familiarize an international audience with modern aspects of Greek life and society along with the country’s rich cultural heritage.

The platform records points of global interest and offers access to them by utilizing the abilities of contemporary digital technologies and new media applications, invting users either to enjoy a virtual trip fitting their personal needs and preferences (virtual tours) or dive in “hand-picked” activities carefully selected by specialised academic staff (cultural tours). The platform is directed at potential virtual or actual travellers who are on a quest for substantial contact with culture or seek to go beyond mainstream options and explore lesser known facets of Greece.

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Each destination is developed on the basis of its important cultural heritage and its contemporary life. Points of Interest are recorded, having as a reference point archaeological sites or places of cultural/ touristic significance. The user can click on their  point of interest and get further insights and tips. 

So far, nine  virtual tours of destinations have been created so far are: Athens|State of Democracy; Epidavros|The Cradle of Medicine; Ancient Olympia |The spirit of Olympic GamesMycenae The kingdom of mythical Agamemnon; Marathon|Spoiled for choice; Mystras|The most peculliar castle town in Greece; Messene|A typically organized city and Lavrion-Sounion|Poseidon welcomes you aboardUpcoming destinations include Eleusina, Delos, Knossos and Delphi, while Selinunte, Syracuse, Kourion, Agrigento, Pompei, Phillippi, Thessaloniki, Samos, Patmos, Corfu, Kos, Rhodes, Vergina, Dodoni, Meteora, Corinth and Santorini are under development.