Build knowledge and partnership bridges with Greece” is the slogan of a new national initiative which aims to aid the country’s progress by systematically enlisting the support of Greeks who live and work abroad. The importance of human capital for a country’s development strategy is undeniable. In Greece’s case, equal consideration needs to be given to the freedom of mobility that individual professionals are entitled to in their careers and the flow of specialised human resources out of the country. As part of this development initiative, designed by the Ministry of Economy and Development in co-operation with other ministries, the General Secretariat for Strategic and Private Investments and the National Documentation Centre have agreed on a programme of specific steps and actions to enable this mobility while limiting any adverse effects it might have on the country’s development.

The country’s economic reconstruction needs to be supported by the contribution of specialised human resources who live and work abroad. To achieve this, the General Secretariat for Strategic and Private Investments in co-operation with the National Documentation Centre, as the main national institution for Research, Innovation and Development, will seek the best ways to maintain a platform with services to meet the initiative’s objectives. This platform will enable the recording, mapping and constant monitoring of details pertinent to the position and profiles of specialised human resources that have left Greece. The documentation of the Brain Drain phenomenon along with the mobility of specialised human resources – Brain Circulation – is crucial in an objective analysis of the problems and opportunities, while keeping Greek society informed with real data.

Policies to contain the outward flow of professionals and encourage their return

Policies which are designed to encourage scientists to remain in Greece are already in operation. Their objectives are to improve the skills and qualifications of scientists so that they can better engage with the Greek economy. Instrumental in supporting this objective are the following: the ‘Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020’ (EPANEK), the Greek Foundation of  Research and Innovation (ELIDEK), the Ministry of Health – Local Health Units (TOMY) etc.  The intention is to keep young professionals in Greece through actions such as supporting the self-employment of higher education graduates, the hiring of doctors by Local Health Units (TOMY), the employment of young doctorate holders at Higher Education Institutions so as to gain academic teaching experience, notification of  ELIDEK research programmes etc.

Why choose Greece

In choosing Greece, we envisage a future which is optimistic as a result of investment in human capital. Greeks who live and work abroad will, through the “Knowledge and partnership bridges” initiative, once again connect with the country, by transferring their knowledge and experiences whether they choose to continue working abroad or are interested in returning to or investing in Greece.

part56In terms of entrepreneurship, there is great potential for building bridges between Greece and Greeks who live and work abroad. Whether they remain abroad or return to Greece, this synergy can significantly help both those Greeks living in Greece and those living abroad who wish to be a part of Greece’s progress.

Through the “Knowledge and partnership bridges” website you can find information about existing policies for containing the outward flow of Greek professionals from the country and the return of those already abroad, as well as information about funding programmes and scholarships within Greece. More importantly, using the information provided you can add value to your business and career by establishing partnerships with Greeks worldwide.

New Greek Immigration Conference

‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ begins it tour of cities with large concentrations of Greek scientists and professionals. The first two experiences will be in Berlin and Stockholm on 14th and 21st October respectively. The General Secretary for Strategy and Private Investment, Professor Lois Lamprianidis will present the initiative at the two-day conference, “New Greek Immigration” (Die Neue Griechische Migration), to be held by the Hellenic Scientists Association Berlin/Brandenburg on 14-15th October in Berlin. The goal is the interdisciplinary exploration of the multifaceted aspects of this phenomenon and the development of a wider debate and reflection between the scientific community, the Greek and German players and the immigrants themselves.