What better place to study archaeology than Greece, where as a student you can visit importantart achaeological sites and even participate in excavations? The first English-taught four-year undergraduate program to be offered by a public university in Greece will be a BA in “Archaeology, History and Literature of Ancient Greece”, according to daily newspaper Kathimerini.

The program, expected to begin in the next academic year, is organized by the University of Athens and the International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki: Besides taught classes, the curriculum will include seminars, educational activities and field trips to archaeological sites and other locations of interest, as well as student participation in excavations. The program will take up to 100 students a year, with annual tuition fees set at 8,000 euros. “The core of the program was designed by exceptional scientists from our school… and we look forward to a constructive collaboration with the International Hellenic University.” Athens School of Philosophy Dean Eleni Karamalengou told Kathimerini.

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English-taught Master’s degrees in Archaeology and Heritage

-ΜΑ in Greek and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology

The Faculty of History and Philosophy of University of Athens is offering a one-year Master’s program taught in English, the ΜΑ in Greek and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology, devoted to the study of the archaeology of Greece, the wider area of the Aegean, Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, including Mesopotamia. The program combines an in-depth, systematic account of the evidence, the methodologies, and the current debates on Greek and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology. Themes of interest range from the emergence of the Minoan and Mycenaean palaces and the great empires of the Eastern Mediterranean, such as the Hittites and the Assyrians, to the formation and decline of the Greek city-state or the polis, the rise of Alexander the Great, the world of the East Mediterranean during the time of his successors, including the perception and importance of Greek and Eastern Mediterranean heritage today.

The University is situated as close to Greece’s prehistoric and classical monuments as possible. Thus, all its postgraduate programmes entail a strong hands-on learning element, such as classes and seminars held in archaeological sites and museums and special field trips. Placement in museums and field projects is also possible, subject to availability. During the Spring semester, students are welcome to attend on a voluntary basis and subject to their academic schedule, the Departmental Archaeological Excavation at Marathon (mid-April to late-May). Applications are accepted from January 1st till May 31st.

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-MA in Classical Archaeology and the Ancient History of Macedonia

The Thessaloniki-based International Hellenic University (IHU), the first Greek public University where programs are taught exclusively in English, offers an MA in Classical Archaeology and the Ancient History of Macedonia. The MA program provides a critical and multifarious study of ancient Macedonia, from institutions, languages and cults, to art and the important archaeological sites, covering the region of Macedonia and the Macedonians from the Mycenaean period until the Roman era. An important part of the students’ education on this MA will be their participation in a training excavation to be organised by the International Hellenic University. Guided excursions, international workshops, special lectures and team projects by the students will also play a significant role.

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-MA in Heritage Management

The Athens University of Economics and Business, in cooperation with the University of Kent offer an English-taught intensive MA in Heritage Management, combining archaeology and business and taught at Eleufsis, a city of world-class archaeological significance. The Master’s focuses on teaching the skills required for the management of heritage sites across the world, as well as how to effectively work with archaeologists, architects, conservators, and marketing and education specialists while fundraising and supervising specific projects. 

-Master of Science in Cultural Heritage Materials and Technologies

The University of Peloponnese offers a Master of Science in Cultural Heritage Materials and Technologies (CultTech). This interdisciplinary master’s offers the ideal platform for holistic approaches that are guaranteed by the creative mixing of up-to-date methodologies with archaeological science, archaeometry and cultural heritage technologies. The programme is based at the Department of History, Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management in the city of Kalamata, southern Peloponnese and operates in collaboration with the National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos and the Navarino Environmental Observatory.

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